Consider Yoga for Pain: Top 4 Yoga Channels for Pain & Fatigue

I’m sure you know what yoga is. I doubt I’m introducing you to anything you don’t already know about. But, did you know there are videos on YouTube devoted specifically to yoga poses to help with pain and fatigue? Did you know that you can do yoga for pain and that it can help you in that area?

yoga for pain

Yoga for Pain

What are some benefits of yoga when you have pain and fatigue? Well, according to “Yoga has been demonstrated to help people with chronic pain. Studies showed that yoga helps reduce pain perception, decrease inflammation, and improve mobility among people with a range of chronic pain conditions.”

This is good news because chronic illness is a hard road to walk. Daily pain and fatigue are hard pills to swallow especially if it’s a lifelong illness that you have to find a way to adjust to.

If you’re stuck in a pain rut and haven’t found anything to help, maybe yoga will help.

Yoga channels for pain 

Long gone are the days of DVD’s, membership sites, or yoga out and about – you can easily access really quality yoga videos for free from the comfort of you home via YouTube.

Below are my favorite videos/channels

Yoga with Adrienne

Adrienne has so many videos to choose from! The video I linked you to, and is embedded above, is specifically about chronic pain. There’s sure to be many videos to choose from that will work for your particular needs.

She also has a website, courses, and is on IG.

Sleepy Santosha Yoga

Rachel Marie of Sleepy Santosha Yoga has many videos specifically for the chronically ill. She is a chronic illness warrior herself and has many different videos on her site, not just yoga. Rachel has a playlist of Yoga for pain that is very well done and so helpful it’s all in one place.

She has a website, courses, and is on IG.

Yoga by Mady Morrison

Mady’s channel is full of great yoga and stretches. She has beginner friendly yoga, stretching sessions, and mindful moments playlists. I’m really interested in this video as well for my own lower back and hips! If you have back pain, lower back, and hip pain you may want to try out her videos.

She has a website, shop, and is on IG.

Yoga with Bird

Bird is yoga teacher based on Canada and her channel is loaded with amazing yoga videos including the one I’ve included above. For those of us who have too much pain or fatigue to get out of bed but still want to practice yoga, this bed yoga video would be a great option.

She has a playlist for inflexible people, which I’ve got my eyes on! If you are new to yoga or just need to work slowly into the flexibility that yoga poses often require this playlist might be good for you.

Bird is on IG.

In Closing

If you’re suffering with pain or fatigue or both then any of these channels may be a great option for you. If you can’t do yoga for any reason, or it’s just not your cup of tea, you should go to or YouTube and type in something along the lines of exercises or stretches for pain. That should pull up other results for you.


yoga for back pain

XOXO, Nell