17 of the Best Slow Living Tips For ANY Busy Woman

You’re, you’re likely seeking how to slow down, to live more intentionally, and to be happier. In a world that is go, go go and strive, strive, strive we have become bogged down in overwhelm and stress. This article is a good place to begin for slow living tips for women. I hope you’ll find even one or two tips that will inspire you toward slowing down and soaking up life more. I truly believe with a slowing down, paring down, and looking at your life objectively to live intentionally you will find a new level of happy.

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  1. Limit your screen time

Phone time is not only a time suck, but it can also be unhealthy on our joy by comparing our lives to others, AND by creating an urgent sense of multi-tasking. We have several texts going, possibly phone calls (but who does that anymore, really?), DM’s on social, comments, posts you feel you have to keep up with, friends online you feel you need to keep updated on … you get the idea. Even reading all that brings up the anxiety level.

There are apps you can use for this, or you can do like me and just set an alarm on your phone when you begin your scrolling. You’ll be so surprised how quickly you’ll run out of time. Time seems to fly when you’re scrolling social media. For 2022 I’m also going to begin implementing texting hours. Instead of answering a text as soon as it comes in, I’m going to set time in the morning and time in the early evening to answer.

If you’d like to set limits on the apps in your phone, here are some directions you can find on Google.

iPhone screen time

Go to the Settings on your phone, then to Screen Time, then turn on screen time if you haven’t already. Tap the App Limits, then tap to Add Limit. Select one or more app categories. To set limits for individual apps, tap the category name to see all the apps in that category, then select the apps you want to limit.

Android screen time

Open your phone’s Settings app, and then tap the digital wellbeing & parental controls, tap the chart, and then next to the app you want to limit, tap the set timer.

Are these directions not working for you? Try going to Google and simply type something such as: limit screen time on iPhone 8 (put your phone type in).

  1. Spend time in nature

Take a walk in your neighborhood, find a great park and hike, take your dog on daily walks, spend time outdoors with your kids, find a paved walking trail if you aren’t keen on off trail walking, or take it off trail…just be out in nature.

It’s also not enough to just be in nature. If you’re not being intentional, you’re not going to receive the full benefits. Stop your mind from overthinking your life and slow down. Look up, notice the color of the sky, notice the birds in the trees. Now look down, what color is the grass beneath your feet? Is it deep dark green, or a bright yellowish green, or maybe its brown from winter? Next notice the leaves on the trees, feel the breeze on your skin, how does that feel? Is it soft and gentle, does it bring a cooling sensation or is it warm, is it fast and hard? You get the idea here. Really soak it in.

This would also be a great time to bring a journal, a book, maybe your art supplies and just literally soak it all in while you get lost in a life-giving activity. I think that when you’re being intentional the joy naturally comes.

spend time in nature

  1. Read a book

Relaxing and entertaining slow living tips are some of my favorite and reading a book meets both of those! It will force you to slow down and enjoy! You can only read so fast, you know? It will also allow you to get lost in a story, or learn something new, to grow, to expand, to enjoy the moment you’re in.  As someone who is the queen of multitasking by nature, it requires intentionality to slow enough to sit and read a book. I must give all my focus to the book, to the story, to the words I’m soaking up and in. It’s a great way to slow down. Make it an experience, a treat. Get yourself a cozy corner in your home for reading, complete with soft lighting, and a cozy blanket. Treat yourself to a cup of tea or your favorite snack.

Don’t feel the need to rush the experience. Give yourself a good hour or so each time. You may have to force yourself at first but once you get into the habit of slow living, I think you’ll find these habits become easier and easier.

Some books you may like

  • The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah
  • Under the Magnolias by T.I. Lowe
  • Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane
  1. Learn how to say no

Protect your time well with the word no. Out of all the slow living tips in this article, I think this is the most important. It’s not going to ruin your life to say no to people. And it won’t ruin their lives if you say no. It’s so important to protect your time, it’s fleeting and so valuable. If you are feeling that sense of burnout, and overwhelm, if you’re getting stressed out easily then you know you’re doing too much. You’ve moving out of slow living and back into hurried living. And I bet you anything part of the reason is that you’re putting the needs and desires of everyone else above your own, you’re saying yes too much.

I’m not one that subscribes to the belief that you should be above everyone else in your life, that you should always be number one. I’m also not one that subscribes to the idea that you shouldn’t keep commitments and hold responsibilities, however, I do think we (especially as women) say yes far too often out of guilt and worry that if we say no the world is going to fall apart. I’m going to tell you a secret, it’s all gonna be okay. It really will be.

This is an area in my own life I’m still learning how to balance. I have three kids, a husband, family, friends, a business, and a busy life. I must balance the yes and the no. Looking back in my life, I can see where I’ve been a yes “man” too much at the detriment of my own health and well being and it’s something I’m learning to break. I hope the same for you, too.

Ideas for saying no

I would normally love to say yes but I’m burning the candle at both ends this week and I really need to have a night of rest.

Thank you so much for thinking of me, I’m afraid I just can’t make time for that invitation, but I really appreciate the offer.

Tonight, just isn’t a good night but when I have time to decompress from my long day, I’ll shoot you a text and let’s see if we can schedule this for a better time for the both of us?

You get the idea… you can frame a no kindly. I will give one word of advice… if you have NO interest in saying yes to an invitation don’t suggest rescheduling or opening the door for a possibility later down the road. It will stress you out and you’ll likely overthink how to get out of it in the future.

love yourself

  1. Ask for help

This goes along the same vein as saying no… how can you live a slow and happy life if you’re overwhelmed with responsibility? A crammed schedule and slow living don’t go hand in hand. Oh friend, this is one that I struggle with.  As a mother, as a very independent woman, I tend to want to carry the weight of the world on my back because I’m strong, I’m a warrior, I can do it all. Sound familiar? Except that I’m only so strong, I’m only such a warrior, I can only do it all at the detriment to my own health.

It’s time we ask for help. Let’s allow ourselves some margin in our days to slow down, to let intention breathe, and embrace joy. We can do that by letting others around us share the burden. People often want to help carry the load, too, so don’t feel bad if you want help.

Out of all the slow living tips in this article, this one – next to saying no – is probably the most important for saving your sanity and allowing more peace in your life.

  1. Get a plant or start a garden

You want to embrace the art of slow, watch a plant grow, be part of that process. No, really! They need to be nurtured, fed, watered, loved, thought about, helped through the process of growing and living. And you’ll find a lot of self-satisfaction watching your plant, herb garden, or veggie garden grow.

Ideas for planting

  • Start with a cute little windowsill herb garden
  • Plant beautiful flowers in your yard and watch them grow
  • Choose an easier veggie to grow and get a little box to grow it in
  • Maybe you are just interested in a cactus, something hard to kill, go for it! Cacti are so cool!

herb garden

  1. Netflix and chill with yourself

Do you have a special show you look forward to? Let yourself enjoy that show, alone (or with company). Here’s a thought though, don’t binge your favorite show… binging of a show can suck hours out of our weekend, nights, or even our days. There’s nothing wrong with watching a show and laughing heartily, or feeling emotion, learning something, or just enjoying the story plot.

Some shows to possibly consider

  • Grace & Frankie on Netflix
  • The Golden Girls on Hulu
  • Only Murders in the Building on Hulu
  • Gilmore Girls on Netflix
  • The Crown on Netflix
  • Outlander on Netflix
  • Seinfeld on Netflix
  • I Love Lucy on Hulu

There’s so many great options, I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your fancy!

  1. Get a slow hobby

Learn to hand embroider, or crochet/knit, pick up painting, or drawing. Choose a hobby that can be relaxing and mindful. I love to hand embroider, to crochet, and to draw – these hobbies help slow my body and my mind, they help to calm me, and to get my mind out of the clutter and go go go phase. You can find kits on places like Etsy for hand embroidery or cross stitch, even.

I like YouTube for learning to crochet and hand embroider. Some things to search for:


  • Single crochet
  • Double crochet
  • Half double crochet
  • Triple crochet

Hand Embroidery

  • Back stitch
  • Split stitch
  • Stem stitch
  • Satin stitch
  • Woven wheel
  • French knots

When beginning one of these slow hobbies its so important to be patient and give yourself plenty of time for practicing. It can take awhile to grasp these hobbies but once you do, they’re so much fun!

learn to crochet

  1. Cook from scratch

Skip the fast food and cook from scratch. You may not be able to do this for every meal, every day, and that is okay, but choose a night, or a meal a day, and cook from scratch. Cut up your chicken, follow a recipe, throw it in a pan, and make a great stir fry. Listen to the sounds of the heat cooking the meat and feel the steam from the food you’re cooking over the stove. Slice up the veggies and goodies for the meal.

You’re going to enjoy your meal that you’ve cooked from scratch so much more! Hey, what if you’re a mom and already do this and cooking from scratch is stressful and not fun? Think of ways to bring the romance and love back to the process. Choose a new recipe a week to experiment, put some music on and dance around with your kids while you cook, bring your kids in on the experience and let them help you, you get the idea.

And frankly if that doesn’t work then scratch this tip and try others! Not every tip here needs to be tried anyway. Just pick what sound appealing and give it a whirl. (When all else fails, take out is delicious, too!)

  1. Eat at the table

Don’t eat on the run, don’t sit in front of the TV, or scroll your phone. Set the table, light a candle, and enjoy your meal. Whether you’re alone or with people you love, eating at the table is more intentional and special than plopping down on the couch and eating in front of the news. Not to mention the news is very stressful these days.

  1. Play board games/games

Board games may feel outdated, and maybe for many of us they are like dinosaurs, but I can almost guarantee you that if you get a board games, or card game, and play it with your kids, or significant other, friends, family, or even something that can be played alone, you’ll find a relaxing, happy, intentional, slow living experience. It can also help bring a family closet to have game night, a dedicated night to enjoy one another.

Possible board games to consider

  • Monopoly
  • Clue
  • Pictionary
  • Scrabble

My family enjoys all sorts of board games, card games, games you shout out, games you quietly play, games for two people, games for the whole family. There are so many on the market! Head to your local store and wander down the game aisle – I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like to embrace these slow living tips!

  1. Start your day off right

With intention, begin your day. What brings you joy? Reading? Open a book and give yourself time for a few pages or a chapter. Do you enjoy sitting and reading the paper (do people still do that?), then do so! If you like a like to journal, take that time to do some gratitude journaling to begin your day off on the right foot. Slow living is intentional living and starting your day with slow intentional activity can really help you start off on the right foot.

  1. Tidy up, make your bed, organize a space

Busy lives can oftentimes bring messy homes. And while there’s no cure for a messy home, especially if you’re a mom with littles, giving yourself a small task like making the beds, tidying up the living room, or organizing your reading nook can be oddly satisfying and helps declutter the mind as well. I find my mind peaceful when I have a tidied-up home. Do you? Slow living tips don’t have to be difficult to implement and I think this one could be one of the easier ones to work with.

cozy wardrobe

  1. Embrace silence

Eliminating unnecessary noise can bring such peace and calm to our lives. Let’s face it, we’re bombarded with noise, with extra stimuli, and that is just not healthy for our minds and when the mind is out of whack, often our bodies are, too.

I’ve found the easiest way to eliminate noise is at night. Instead of falling asleep to a TV, or music, I fall asleep to the white noise of a fan, or the gentle sounds of my diffuser pumping out the gentle scent of lavender.

Are you someone who needs some level of noise? How about a sound machine with gentle rain or birds chirping? Might be a nice alternative to a loud television.

  1. Declutter your home

I find that a decluttered and simple space does much to focus the mind and calm the environment. You don’t have to embrace the minimalist style to have a decluttered home, either. Enjoying your home even with a lot of décor can still be possible, but just consider where you can cut back, or even just organizing the space would be helpful.

For example, I have a craft closet where all of my crafting items are stored and I know that when that closet gets out of hand, I feel off inside. I feel overwhelmed whenever I open the closet and it interrupts my peace. Keeping that closet clean, organized, and clutter free brings a sense of calm and peace. That is great for living a slow and intentional life, a life of gratitude for what you do have, and peace in the mind and heart.

  1. Spend the day wandering around town

We’re almost to the end of slow living tips but this one is a really fun one! Instead of driving from store-to-store shopping on a Saturday why not take a small day trip? One that you don’t rush through, one that has shopping in one area that you can leisurely walk from shop-to-shop and grab a bite while you’re out. Or how about a trip to the state park, enjoying nature, bring a lunch, and a book, and just enjoy a quiet and slow day in nature? I’d suggest not setting expectations, don’t rush, and just take it slow and soak in the experience, wherever you go.

  1. Ready for this? Do nothing!

Do absolutely nothing. Open the window, sit on the couch with a light blanket, and just be. Just sit and exist. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the breeze blowing in from the window. Even just a few minutes of absolute calm, with nothing to do, can recharge and center you.


In the end, slow living doesn’t require much. Just intention and attention. But the affects of slowing down and paying attention are far reaching. You will most likely notice you’re calmer, more peaceful, happier, and more grateful. And who couldn’t use more of that in their lives? I hope you’ve found these slow living tips helpful and inspiring!


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