Self Care Day at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Small Moments That Promote Self Care

Did you know that you can easily experience a self-care day at home and don’t need to go out to enjoy self-care? And that self-care looks more like whatever brings you calm and peace and less about a spa day?

Whether your kind of self-care is pampering at a spa or simply a nap in the middle of the afternoon, you can achieve a self-care experience at home.

self care day at home

Self Care Day At Home

What is the definition of self-care?

According to the Google search results, self-care is: “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.” I think many of us can admit that taking care to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health is a good goal to aim for. I know that it’s often an overused term, and many people might roll their eyes thinking it just means a “bath” or “getting your nails done”, but please hear me out- self-care is much more than what you typically think of when you hear the term.

According to Southern New Hampshire University “Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.”

And The Doctor Weighs In website states that six of every ten adults in America suffer from a chronic illness and four out of ten have two or more chronic conditions.

The Doctor Weighs In site also states: “Self-care that includes addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social realms has enabled my patients to maintain or improve their health and well-being. It also helps them prevent or cope with chronic illness. Promoting self-care becomes the cornerstone of integrative health and good medicine.”

self care day

Self-care as simple living

Did you know that self-care can be as simple as enjoying little moments? It doesn’t have to be a big expensive spa day.

As a chronically ill woman, I’ve found that self-care looks a lot different than it is often marketed to us. For me, the small act of a short and easy walk around the block with my dog and child is just as much self-care for my body and emotions as any full-body massage would be. As an example: taking an afternoon nap refreshes my body more than a hot bath with bubbles and wine could ever do. Don’t get me wrong, I like massages and baths very much but it doesn’t have to be the traditionally thought of methods of self-care to be self-care.

Some self-care-day suggestions for you, whether you’re chronically ill, a busy mom, a full-time student, or a busy working man or women are below. I hope these ideas spark joy and excitement to work self-care into your day.

self care ideas

Self-care ideas

I know everyone has a slightly different idea of self-care at home. Some may see it as a completely relaxing experience being pampered and spending money and time on one’s self. And while this is nice, I mostly see self-care as a time to enjoy the small moments, to be fully present in the moment, and soak it in.

Yes, you can also achieve enjoyment from bigger moments, and you can also be present in bigger moments, however, there is just something extra special about enjoying the little things in life. Maybe because there are more little things to enjoy than big most often, it’s hard to say – but when you’re present and grateful for the small moments, I find that the rest of your day flows the same.


Easy self care ideas

  1. Read a chapter in your favorite book (or if you have more time, binge a book)
  2. Listen to a favorite book on Audible
  3. Take a walk, even if just around the block. Doesn’t have to be strenuous, the goal is to move your body, and breathe in the sounds and sights and feels of nature
  4. Unplug from media for the day, for a weekend, or even just a night
  5. Grab a blanket, and a nice spot in the yard, and watch the clouds above you
  6. Along with the same idea, do the same at night and count the stars
  7. Read the Bible
  8. Dance around
  9. Listen to your favorite record while taking a drive in the country or…
  10. Listen to your favorite record while cleaning your house
  11. Listen to a favorite podcast while doing a slow craft
  12. Pray
  13. Meditate
  14. Do some stretches or Yoga
  15. Take slow, deep, cleansing breaths while holding your hand over your heart, with your eyes closed
  16. Find a favorite ASMR channel and get the tingles
  17. Whip out your gratitude journal and write some things you’re thankful for this week
  18. Read a favorite blog, catch up on their newsletter
  19. Start or tend to a garden
  20. Water your plants while listening to music
  21. Watch a favorite television show
  22. Work a puzzle
  23. Learn how to embroider
  24. Pick up a paintbrush, or a pencil, and make art
  25. Crochet a pair of socks
  26. Knit a sweater
  27. Go to the lake and dip your toes in the water
  28. Go for a swim
  29. Ride your bike
  30. Set aside an hour and call a friend who makes you smile and laugh
  31. Sit down in the grass and feel the earth beneath you – stand barefoot and feel grounded and connected to nature
  32. Watch the birds
  33. Take that cliché bubble bath and enjoy the heck out of it!
  34. Bake something tasty
  35. Try a new recipe
  36. Go plant shopping
  37. Look through photo albums
  38. Talk about favorite family memories with your kids
  39. Watch a movie – new or a favorite
  40. Turn off your phone
  41. Take a long and vigorous walk
  42. Go to the beach if you have one near you
  43. Take a cold shower
  44. Get dressed up and do your hair
  45. Have a spa day at home
  46. Spray essential oils on all your bedding and then take a nap and enjoy the smells
  47. Hygge your bedroom and your life
  48. Take a special day trip to your favorite local town – if you’re chronically ill, here are some tips for traveling while ill
  49. Write a self-care journal
  50. Sit in the silence with yourself
  51. Take a mid-day nap
  52. Improve your sleeping experience with essential oils, soft music, rain sounds, white noise, soft bedding
  53. Enjoy your skincare time
  54. Take time decluttering a closet – decluttering often helps the mind feel less overwhelmed
  55. Sleep in
  56. Start a blog and write your thoughts
  57. Edit who you follow on social – is someone stressing you out, leading to overwhelming, or causing you to become critical of yourself? You don’t have to continue following that account, unfollow.
  58. Write a letter or card to a dear friend or loved one
  59. Write a letter to your younger self
  60. Write down what you’re grateful for each month and then read them at the end of the year
  61. Listen to a Bible app
  62. Take a jog or run if you are physically able to
  63. Go out to eat even if by yourself
  64. Sing in the shower
  65. Go to the library and read a book in a nook
  66. Go to the book store and allow yourself the freedom to purchase a favorite book
  67. Watch funny videos but be careful not to lose a bunch of time scrolling TikTok
  68. Pick up some crayons and a coloring book
  69. Order in dinner, put a blanket on the floor, light candles, and have an indoor picnic
  70. Read a magazine or two
  71. Get your hair done
  72. Get your nails done
  73. Take a walk in the rain (not when it’s lightening or windy of course)
  74. Learn about slow living and make it a practice in your life
  75. Get a heated blanket and snuggle up for the night
  76. Go on a date with your significant other
  77. Go bowling or mini-golfing
  78. Lay in your bed and do absolutely nothing
  79. Snuggle your pet while watching Netflix
  80. Organize your clothing drawers
  81. Call your parents and reminisce about your favorite vacations as a kid
  82. Pray
  83. Hug a loved one – embrace them – soak in the moment
  84. Teach someone else your favorite hobby
  85. Take a class learning something new
  86. Discover what it looks like to love your life no matter what your life looks like

Wrapping it up

WHEW! We got through 86 ideas! Though some were small and quick ideas, they’re great places to start and grow your self-care practice.

In the end, what I’d love for you to take away from this list is that self-care doesn’t have to be this big once a month or once a year treat. Self-care should be a daily practice. Incorporating even one or two small ideas from this list daily may increase your peace and joy and balance. It’s worth a try.


self care ideas


XOXO, Nell