Morning Routine List: 51 Super Easy Hacks for a Slow & Intentional Morning

Are you a morning routine list person? Truth be told, I’m not much of a morning person by nature. I’ve always been more of a night owl. So, when I would see women touting their early morning routines I just couldn’t relate or even think that could be me. A morning routine doesn’t have to look like getting up at 5am and spending time in the Bible or reading a favorite book. Although it can look like that. It can also look like starting your morning off on an intentional note.

morning routine list

Morning Routine List

Why should we have an intentional morning

Reasons as to why a morning routine are important

  • More time to gently wake up
  • Time spent with yourself before the hustle of the day begins
  • More time to plan your day ahead
  • Quiet time with the Lord
  • Time before the rest of the household wakes
  • More time to work on your health
  • More time spend on your business goals
  • Just more time in general in each day

morning routine ideas for adults

Morning Routine Ideas for Adults

Start slow, taking 3-5 ideas from the list below and implementing them into your morning routine. Don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to cram a bunch of things into your morning. Take these morning routine ideas for adults and adjust them for your life, make the most of whatever ideas you use, or come up with your own. Be intentional and slow with your morning, find gratitude in your day.

51 routine ideas for anyone for a better morning

  1. Get up earlier than normal
  2. Leave your phone on the side table
  3. Make your bed
  4. Crack your blinds open
  5. Put on cozy slippers
  6. Brush your teeth and hair with a song in your head
  7. Look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your favorite qualities
  8. Shuffle out to the kitchen and cook a healthy breakfast
  9. Put some soft music on
  10. Sit in a cozy chair with a hot beverage
  11. Read a book or the Bible
  12. Pray
  13. Map out your day
  14. Smile and think of one thing you’re grateful for
  15. Stroke your dog/cat/pet
  16. Sing softly to yourself
  17. Journal what you’re grateful for this morning
  18. Stand and look at the birds in the yard
  19. Rinse your breakfast dishes off
  20. Light a candle
  21. Start your diffuser
  22. Sing while in the shower
  23. Lather up with a favorite lotion
  24. Get dressed in the mirror and notice your beauty not your flaws
  25. Put makeup on while listening to your favorite show
  26. Walk around your house and up your stairs to get your heart pumping and body moving
  27. Drink a full glass of water with lemon
  28. Pick up your phone and take one intentional picture. Something you want to remember from your morning, something that brought you joy or calm.
  29. Write down 3 things you wish to accomplish today
  30. Listen to a favorite podcast
  31. Work your brain with crossword puzzle
  32. Do something kind for someone in your household – no one else in your household? Do something kind for someone you know outside of your home or someone online. (Say good morning, hope you have a nice day… Etc.)
  33. Sit in silence and do nothing
  34. Sit directly in the sunlight and feel the warmth wash over your skin
  35. Speak out loud some affirmations or scriptures that mean a lot to you
  36. Do some simple stretches to get your body moving
  37. Massage your temples
  38. Rub your feet with lotion before putting socks and shoes on
  39. Text someone you love and let them know they crossed your mind and made you smile
  40. Work on your side gig or business – get something small done that you can check off your list
  41. Tidy up the house
  42. Take your medication with intention – speak healing over your body
  43. Take your vitamins and supplements with a big glass of water or juice
  44. Speak to and water your plants
  45. Draw something – have a morning art routine
  46. Read an article on your favorite blog
  47. Plan your meals for the day
  48. Take your dog for a walk around the block
  49. Spend cuddle time with a loved one
  50. Kiss your significant other
  51. Hug your kids

Wrapping it up

Whether you’re a morning routine list person or not I think you’ll find you can have a good, cozy, intentional – or even active and energetic – morning routine. You just have to make it a priority and create the habit.

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XOXO, Nell