Lyme Disease Story

My Story

I was a couple of months pregnant with my son when a tick crawled off my dog while I slept, onto my inner ankle, and bit me. I knew nothing at all about Lyme disease at that time except you could get it from ticks. Someone I knew as a child had it and experienced a lot of joint pain but that is all the vague information I had at the time. Because I didn’t get the bulls-eye rash, nor had joint pain at the time, no one, not even doctors, suspected my strange symptoms were from the tick bite. Everyone, including myself for a period of time, thought it was just because I was pregnant with my son.

Several months into the pregnancy I knew something was seriously wrong. I ended up in the ER, saw a doctor outside of my OBGYN for tests, and blood work, and nothing yielded any answers. I knew in my heart I was fighting for my life and the life of my son. I also knew whatever this was, it was likely affecting my son. How did I know? The Holy Spirit is the only answer I can give. I just knew in my gut that we were both in danger.

It was two years after the tick bite, becoming seriously ill, in and out of ER’s, several specialists, countless blood draws, a CT scan, and MRI that I heard God tell me to ask for the Lyme disease test. He brought back to my mind the tick bite from a couple years prior and I just knew I needed to follow this prompting from God.

I did get tested, it came back positive enough for that doctor to set up an appointment for me with an infectious disease doctor. I researched the heck out of Lyme disease, discovered those specialists don’t often know what they are doing with chronic, late-stage Lyme, and decided to by-pass that visit, opting for an LLMD instead. The tick bite was 14 years ago (as of 2022) and my first LLMD appointment was 12 years ago.

My symptoms were out of control and I was very badly sick. See the list of symptoms earlier on this page, many of the symptoms I had been experiencing off and on for two years are listed. The treatment for Lyme was rough. What they don’t tell you is that you will typically become worse before seeing any sort of relief from the disease. The reason for that is the herxheimer reaction most will experience while killing off the bacteria.

Lyme Treatment

I went through nearly four years of traditional medical treatment, which included driving three hours one way to see my LLMD every three months, trips to the lab for blood work, heavy-duty, high doses of antibiotics, and antifungals, and countless medications for things such as my thyroid and adrenal glands, which were shot. I also ended up seeing a Psychiatrist for severe depression, anxiety, and paranoia. It was a living hell.

After a few months of feeling the God prompting me into natural treatment, I finally listened. I’ve been in the care of a wonderful ND for years now, treating the disease with herbs and natural supplements. I’ve seen a huge turn-around during this time. And although I have since been also diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), iron deficiency from a stomach ulcer, chronic migraine, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue, and have been up and down in my healing, I am better than I was prior to treatment. I’m grateful for this.


Chronic Lyme disease has no known cure. It’s a life-long diagnosis. It’s sometimes a death sentence.  It’s often disabling. There are people completely bedridden 100% of their days. I am fully aware of how bad some people have the disease and I ache for them. I pray for them. I long for them to experience victory over the disease!

Please have compassion for your friend or family member with Lyme disease. Most of us have experienced those closest to us not believing we’re as sick as we are, thinking we’re making it up completely, or not even believing Lyme exists. Please support them and love them and pray for them. Bring them meals, like you would a friend with cancer, go to the doctor with them, watch their kids for them, clean their homes for them.

This is a real fight for survival and we cannot do it alone. Sadly, many of us do go at it alone. Even with the tremendous support I’ve experienced, I’ve also experienced people turning their backs on me. That is very hard. I’ve finally come to a place of acceptance that some people will not support and love me as I deserve and I must put up healthy boundaries and that is perfectly okay. It’s also a driving force in my desire to build community with other chronic illness warriors… to have support and BE support for one another.

Secondary diagnosis’ due to Lyme disease

I suffer with chronic migraine, chronic wide-spread fibromyalgia pain, Lyme arthritis, chronic fatigue, iron deficiency, stomach ulcers, and PoTS syndrome. I’ll also be testing for mold toxicity soon.

It is a lot and it all does affect my daily life but I’m strong and I run a business, up until 2021 I worked a part-time remote job, raise three teen boys, run a household, and love a husband. I do this because of the healing I’ve experienced with treatment, with my fighter spirit, and support from my family and friends.

Here are a few videos:

Chronic Migraine