About Nell

Hi, I’m Nell. First, I’m a wife and mother, and a believer in Jesus. I’m also a writer of words, maker of art, and chronically ill warrior. I made this space as a place for women who are burnt out, and/or chronically ill, to find more peace and cozy, more intentionality, and more gratitude in their lives. Welcome!

Read a bit about my story with Lyme disease.


  • I’m a native Midwesterner turned happy Texan. I miss my family back home but love the weather and lifestyle here. I’m (mostly) happy I’m a Texan.
  • I am married 20 years this year (2022), have three great boys who are all teens, and have a wonderful rescue dog named Charlie.
  • My favorite memories include being homeschooled, apple picking, days spent at the lake, marrying my best friend, and snuggling my newborn sons, way back when!
  • Time spent in nature energizes me and feeds my spirit.
  • I love Jesus, God, and grace – my faith has carried me through so many painful journey’s in this earthly life, including chronic illness. I’m so grateful for Jesus and His compassion.
  • I’m doing my best to live as normal a life as I can while chronically ill and credit my loving husband and understanding children for keeping me going and pushing through to be the best (sick) person I can be. (I have Lyme and other illnesses.)
  • I love creating art with a message.

(Me chronically ill and me still chronically ill AND in a migraine flare, wearing my ice hat)


  • My husband and I met in our late teens and have been together ever since.
  • I have three sons, all teens.
  • My oldest is a quiet young man, loves music, plays the sax, and is about to graduate high school. He has been through his health issues and is fighting his way back to health.
  • My middle is an animal lover, wants a cat and a job desperately, and has a heart as big as Texas.
  • My youngest is a warrior child who has been through so much at a young age with a lifelong Lyme disease but he never lets that get in his way! He is a silly boy, sarcastic, and a remote learner.
  • Charlie, the rescue pup, is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. We love him so deeply. I’ve been nothing but blessed with this rescue journey and can’t imagine not rescuing for a lifetime.